8/21/2019: New York Times: Letter to the Editor 

Colcom Foundation supports public education for an informed civic dialogue on the long term sustainable level of immigration. According to Pew Research, in just five decades, the U.S. population of 329 million will increase by 117 million; immigration will account for 103 million. Is this a good idea? Read more.

1/2/2010: Tribune-Review: Colcom Foundation establishes $1M fund to aid land conservation

The Colcom Foundation has established a $1 million revolving fund to help 40 local land trusts buy environmentally important property. “The opportunity to acquire a biologically significant parcel of land does not coincide with the ability to raise funds for the acquisition,” said John F. Rohe, vice president of philanthropy for Colcom. Read more.

11/5/2009: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Sculpture of Fred Rogers unveiled on North Side

Known as “Tribute to Children,” the site featuring the new sculpture is in a park on the riverfront near Heinz Field. The bronze sculpture created by Robert Berks is 10 feet, 10 inches in height and weighs more than 7,000 pounds.Read more.