Grant Application Guidelines

Grant applications will be accepted only by invitation following the applicant’s submission of a Letter of Inquiry (LOI).

If, upon review of a Letter of Inquiry, the Foundation invites a Grant Application, the applicant will be provided instructions on filing procedures.


The LOI should address the following eight topics on not more than two pages:

  1. organization description
  2. proposed program description
  3. program objective(s)
  4. anticipated outcome
  5. evaluation measures
  6. project budget
  7. timeline
  8. other funding sources
  9. if the applicant is an environmental group, please state whether it takes a public position on national population concerns

Applicants should submit only one copy of an LOI. It should be submitted to John F. Rohe, Vice President-Philanthropy by mail or e-mail.

A separate Letter of Inquiry must be submitted for each program.